What is the best type of word of mouth advice?

As a CEO and founder of a PregnaPouch I regularly contort myself into unimaginable positions to jump the unexpected hurdles required to make a start-up viable.  Currently, I am searching for a solicitor who understands the PregnaPouch vision.  Talking with other founders has helped, as has discovering lexoo.co.uk, a sort of trip advisor for solicitors.  This has led me to think more deeply about word-of-mouth (WOM) advice.  Is it best to take WOM advice from a few close friends or from hundreds of people you have never met?

This blog is for general tips but if you have any concerns about your own physical or mental health or in fact concerns of any other nature, you must see your own healthcare professional.  The content is written at a point in time. Developments may be made following publication, making the blog out of date, which we cannot be held responsible for.  So if in doubt, about anything, see your healthcare professional or look at a website which is frequently updated.  If you comment on the blog, we won’t use your contact details to send you spam.  We cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or the actions of other blog commenters or WordPress or for the recommended websites.  Any questions on this disclaimer or anything else, please do email us.

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