Trademark and Powerful Story

I was further spurred onto push forward with developing PregnaPouch after a story I heard this week.  A woman said how her friend went into labour far from her booked hospital 8 weeks early.  She was terrified.  When she went to the hospital she felt that doctors and midwives were furious with her for not having her notes.  She was astounded that in this day and age nothing is digital and that she was made to feel like it was her fault!  Scared and frightened and feeling small, she was also in significant pain.  The midwives and doctors also seemed scared – they had no information on this woman.  They had to provide care with guesswork about the previous few months.

Horrid that this woman was made to feel like it was her fault.  Also sad that clinicians were in the dark and couldn’t provide the best care for her.  This should not be the case and PregnaPouch will solve this.

Also, our trademark was approved this week.  I am thrilled.  One step closer…..

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