The perfect pregnancy breakfast

A good start:

Breakfast sets you up for the day.  A healthy breakfast is particularly important during pregnancy to help you avoid energy dips and to keep you and your baby healthy.  This blog will help you work out what you can enjoy and what you should avoid.


Breakfast can also be a time to remember to take your pregnancy vitamins: folic acid (400 micrograms per day for most women) for the first 12 weeks and vitamin D (10 micrograms) throughout the pregnancy.  Some women need higher doses of folic acid for example if they have diabetes or if neural tube defects run in their family or if they are taking epilepsy medication.  Some women qualify for ‘healthy start vitamins’ free:


It is best to limit your caffeine intake to 200mg per day. One filter coffee has 140mg just to give you an idea. So take care when you choose your breakfast drink. Consider decaffeinated teas and coffees – what about fresh mint or ginger.

Juice and cheese:

Take care to ensure they are pasteurised. As a guide, most soft cheeses are unpasteurised. Nuff said…


Good news from the Food Standards Agency.  They now say that as long as the eggs you buy have the Lion Code Assurance Scheme you can eat the yoke slightly runny (

Boring I know but its best not to have a runny yoke if you are not sure whether the egg falls under this standard – the best bit I hear most of you cry. The reason is that raw eggs can contain salmonella which can cause severe diarrhoea and vomiting for you.

Morning sickness: 

Breakfast for some, when pregnant, is hard to enjoy due to morning sickness.  A top tip for you is to have something flavoured with ginger by your bed to have as soon as you wake up such as a ginger biscuit.  Eating little and often can really help with morning sickness and ginger, in particular, can help.  It is also really important to keep hydrated by sipping fluids all day long. If things are really bad consider seeing your General Practitioner (GP) about it.

Fun recipes:

  1. Pancakes – Nigella style:
  2. Banana bread:
  3. Granola:
  4. Smashed avocado on toast:

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Best wishes

The PregnaPouch team

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