Exercise in Pregnancy

As a GP, pregnant women often ask me whether they can exercise in pregnancy. I not only tell them quickly that they can but go a step further and actively encourage it. After all, at the end of 9 months women have to go through labour and they will be entirely more prepared if they have exercised throughout pregnancy. Having said that, I also find it helpful to chat through what kind of exercise is a good idea and what is not and in this blog I hope to go into this for you.

General advice:

  • Ensure you warm up and down carefully and keep well hydrated. If you have not previously been exercising gradually build up your exercise; do not start with something too strenuous.
  • Your body changes during pregnancy and is more vulnerable to injury so make sure you inform exercise class instructors that you are pregnant so that they can alter the exercises appropriately for you.

Recommended exercise:

Exercise to avoid:

  • Contact Sports e.g. kickboxing: It is best to avoid these because there is a risk of you being injured, which could cause harm to you and your baby.
  • Scuba Diving: This should be avoided as the baby could be subject to decompression sickness.

Exercise with some warnings attached:

  • Altitude: If you plan to exercise over 2500m, please ensure you take time to acclimatise in order to prevent altitude sickness.
  • Yoga and Pilates: These are excellent in pregnancy but you need to make sure you do not lie on your back for prolonged periods of time especially over 16 weeks of pregnancy. This is because the baby puts weight on your vena cava (the blood vessel which takes blood back to the heart) and so it can make you feel faint.
  • Sports where you are high risk of falling g. horse-riding, rock-climbing, downhill skiing or cycling: A fall could damage you or your baby so you may want to avoid these types of sport.

Finally it remains to be said that exercise is one of the few things that makes you feel good and is actually good for you. So go out and enjoy it!

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Best wishes

The PregnaPouch team

This blog is for general tips but if you have any concerns about your own physical or mental health or in fact concerns of any other nature, you must see your own healthcare professional.  The content is written at a point in time. Developments may be made following publication, making the blog out of date, which we cannot be held responsible for.  So if in doubt, about anything, see your healthcare professional or look at a website which is frequently updated.  If you comment on the blog, we won’t use your contact details to send you spam.  We cannot be held responsible for the privacy practices or the actions of other blog commenters or WordPress or for the recommended websites.  Any questions on this disclaimer or anything else, please do email us.

3 thoughts on “Exercise in Pregnancy

  1. Neha Goyal says:

    exercising during pregnancy has a positive effect on your mind, body and overall well-being. Regular exercise helps with several discomforts that come with pregnancy such as backaches, posture and fatigue.


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